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MSCJ student joins Marietta Police Department to help combat Cybercrime

The Kennesaw State University Master of Science in Criminal Justice program is happy to announce that Ms. Abby Lukas has joined the Marietta Police Department in its first official police strategy to combat against cybercrimes.

The Marietta Police Department, in a steadfast effort to delve deeply into emerging internet crime and expand police ability to protect Marietta citizens on the internet, the MPD has teamed up with the Marietta Information Technology Department and cyber-savy graduate students from Kennesaw State University. With funding from an Edward Byrne criminal justice grant, together the Marietta Police Department has formed a new two-year pilot position entitled the “Police Cyber Specialist” (PCS). The first KSU Criminal Justice student, Ms. Abby Lucas is already coordinating with the department’s Crime Analysis, Forensics, Criminal Investigations, Public Affairs and Patrol elements of the Department. 

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Posted: December 5, 2012