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ISD Welcomes Two New Coordinators this Fall

The faculty of the Interdisciplinary Studies Department elected two new Coordinators for the next academic year.

Dr. Heeman Kim, Associate Professor of Communication, was named the Asian Studies Coordinator. He will oversee the launch of the brand new interdisciplinary Asian Studies Bachelor’s degree which is anticipated to serve many companies in the Atlanta area with ties to Asian markets. Additionally students will be able to choose a track on how to teach English as a Second Language with this innovative degree. This is the first Asian Studies B.A. in the University of Georgia System.  Dr. May Gao, former Asian Studies Coordinator, initiated the groundwork for the Asian Studies degree in 2012.

“The knowledge of Asia is critical for our students to be competitive in the global marketplace,” Gao said. “This new degree will open a lot of new doors for students."

Dr. Gao will continue to serve as the Chair of the annual Symposium on ASIA-USA Partnership Opportunities, or SAUPO, the largest Asia business conference in the U.S.

Dr. Anne Richards, Professor of English, was named the new Coordinator of the Peace Studies Program at Kennesaw State. She specializes in teaching professional writing and memoir, cultural studies, and peace and religious studies. She has a long interest in peace building through education. Dr. Richards engages actively in research concerning the lives of Muslims in the United States and Europe.

Professor Tom Pynn, former Peace Studies Coordinator, will remain Coordinator for the Peace Corps Preparation program and Interim Coordinator of the Religious Studies Program. 

Posted: May 24, 2016