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Congratulations to the CHSS Homecoming Awardees

We are happy to congratulate this year's CHSS Homecoming Outstanding Current Student and Outstanding Alumni Awardees!


School of Communication and Media

Outstanding Alumnus - Miguel Sepulveda

Outstanding Current Students - Matthew "John" Nelson and Robert Barker


Department of Digital Writing and Media Arts

Outstanding Alumnus - Randy Brown

Outstanding Current Student - Arnulfo Casco


Department of English

Outstanding Alumnus - Chris Martin

Outstanding Current Student - Diana Kovalchuk


Department of Foreign Languages

Outstanding Alumnus - Tishanna DeFoor

Outstanding Current Student - Ariel Walley


Department of Geography and Anthropology

Outstanding Alumni - Samantha Roberts, Rebecca Mattord, and Kathryn "Kat" Tucker

Outstanding Current Students - Madyson Price, Johnny Sands, Bryan Pennell


Department of History and Philosophy

Outstanding Alumnus - Giovanni Diaz

Outstanding Current Students - Steven Sanchez and Zachary Gruca


Interdisciplinary Studies Department

Outstanding Alumnus - Ariel Greenaway

Outstanding Current Student - Anna Tussey


Department of Psychology

Outstanding Alumnus - Chavis Clark

Outstanding Current Student - Hannah Dollinger


Department of Political Science and International Affairs

Outstanding Alumnus - Stephen Butler

Outstanding Current Student - Patrick Gruber


Department of Sociology and Criminal Justice

Outstanding Alumni - Beverly Crank and Aajay Murphy

Outstanding Current Students - Mark Chamberlin, Michael Daugherty, and Kimberly Cowart 

Posted: October 15, 2016