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CHSS Faculty come together to save students over $443,000 from their student debt load

Kennesaw State University faculty are committed to supporting student success. Thirty-six KSU faculty and staff have stepped up, with support from the KSU Library and the state of Georgia, to create and/or adapt 13 sets of open educational resources (OERS) sometimes for use in multiple classes or class sequences. This work has saved $899,860 from the student debt load each year. Each group was awarded an Affordable Learning Georgia Textbook Transformation Grant to support them in their work (

In the College of Humanities and Social Sciences, 17 different members of our faculty and staff split into five groups and saved students a combined $443,579.80. Listed below are the groups from CHSS.

Seneca Vaught and Griselda Thomas (African and African Diaspora Studies): $20,840
Ginny Zhan, May Gao, Yumin Ao (Asian Studies): $11,249
Daniel Farr and Tiffani Reardon (Sociology): $13,963.80
Tamara Powell, Jonathan Arnett, Monique Logan, Cassandra Race, Tiffani Reardon (DWMA/English): $51,615
Sharon Pearcey, Chris Randall, Jen Willard, Beth Kirsner, Adrienne Williamson, Tricia Mahaffey (Psychology): $345,912

Posted: March 30, 2016