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2015 CHSS Faculty-Staff Award Winners Announced

Congratulations to our 2015 Faculty-Staff Award Winners and Finalists.

Staff Awards

Excellence in Customer Service: Finalists

Lori Buechling, PSYC (Award Recipient)
Clara Ginn, POLS-IA
Kaleigh Kendrick, Deans’ Office
Marsha Powell, FL
Kathryn Siggelko, SCJ 

Outstanding Team Member: Finalists

Lauren Booth, COM
Ashlee Clark, Deans' Office
Nicole Connelly, MSCM
Nicole Densmore, INCM
Marsha Powell, FL
Regina Washington, Deans' Office (Award Recipient)

Faculty Awards

Outstanding Diversity Advocate: Finalists

Jesse Benjamin, ISD/SCJ (Award Recipient)
Ernesto Silva, FL/ISD
Kay Traille, HIST-PHIL

Outstanding Engagement: Finalists

Samuel Abaidoo, SCJ (Award Recipient)
Jennifer Dail, ENGL
Jennifer Dickey, HIST-PHIL
Nancy Hoalst-Pullen, GEOG-ANTH
Andrew Pieper, POLS-IA
Sabine Smith, FL

Outstanding Teaching: Finalists

Jeff DeWitt, POLS-IA (Award Recipient)
Paul Dover, HIST-PHIL
Corinne McNamara, PSYC
Federica Santini, FL
Griselda Thomas, ISD/ENGL
Linda Treiber, SCJ

Outstanding Research and Creative Activity: Finalists

Jennifer McMahon-Howard, SCJ
Melanie Sumner, ENGL
Jennifer Willard, PSYC
Jiayan Zhang, HIST-PHIL (Award Recipient)

Outstanding Professional Service: Finalists

Christopher Palmer, ENGL
Rebecca "Becky" Petersen, SCJ (Award Recipient)

Part-Time Faculty Distinguished Teaching: Finalists

Regina Bradley, ISD (Award Recipient)
Allison Garefino, PSYC
Allessandro Gasparini, FL
(Award Recipient)
Patsy Hamby, ENGL
Kenneth Jinks, COM
Eliza Markley, SCJ
Sylvia Powell, GEOG-ANTH
Juan Pablo Valenzuela, HIST-PHIL

Distinguished Early Career Faculty: Finalists

Suma Mallavarapu, PSYC (Honorable Mention)
Kathryn Negrelli, FL
Christopher Pallas, POLS-IA (Honorable Mention)
Teresa Raczek, GEOG-ANTH (Award Recipient)
Heidi Scherer, SCJ
Andrew Whitehead, HIST-PHIL

Distinguished Professor: Finalists

Liuzi (Louis) Meng, FL
John "Jack" Moran, POLS-IA (Award Recipient)
Katya Vladimirov, HIST-PHIL



Posted: April 24, 2015