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Asian Studies Lecture Series: Behind the Iron Curtain - Cold War Women in North Korea

March 8, 2018 ( 12:30PM - 1:45PM )

While North Korea's authoritarian system is generally characterized as a paternalistic order, it is complemented by maternal affect that elicits love and loyalty for the leaders. In effect, women proved to be the primary cultural icons, and feminine tropes became models for emulation through society. Situating North Korea in the broad frame of socialist feminisms, this presentation explores how alternative feminisms became markers of ideal citizens in the name of state feminism that professed equality for the sexes. Through a foray into a cultural history of the Cold War from films to stage performances, the talk aims to apprehend the diverse strategies to deal with the 'woman question' in North Korea. Examining the development of alternative Femininities in North Korea alongside a women's history of the Cold War, I argue that the development of the feminist project itself was bifurcated by the global Cold War. 

This talk is sponsored by the following:

The Interdisciplinary Studies Department
The English Department
The School of Government and International Affairs
The School of Conflict Management and Peace Building
The Korean Foundation, and
The Northeast Asia Council for the Association of Asian Studies. 

Event Location:
Kennesaw State University
Social Sciences Building
Bldg #402 , Room 1021

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Off-campus visitors should park in Visitor parking.