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Refugees and Resistance: A European Mass Migration Crisis Simulation

March 9-10, 2018

The current large-scale influx of refugees into the European Union presents unprecedented challenges for governments, relief agencies and the general population alike. The rapidity of the mass migration into Europe has left little time for receiving governments, host-nation citizens and the refugees themselves to prepare for a crisis of unexpected proportions, let alone tackle its roots in the Middle East. 

This role-play simulation is designed to develop an understanding of the complexities of global migration and, more specifically, the current refugee crisis in Europe. Since Germany is destination to the largest number of refugees within the European Union, the simulation is set in a small fictional East German town where several national and local scenarios unfold.

The simulation encourages critical thinking about current policy dilemmas by placing participants in the roles of refugees, public officials, administrators, and concerned citizens. Participants experience some of the strategic and tactical challenges involved in managing and resolving complex policy decisions with impact at the local, national and global levels.



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